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These Terms of Use (hereinafter "Terms") govern the access to and the conditions of use for the Internet site “Smart Paragraph” (or alternately “Smart Para§raph” or the “Site”).

By using the Site you accept and agree to abide by these Terms.


Legal Information

The Site is administered by ArcPol Arnault Contet, with its headquarters located at 77a/22 Aleja Powstańców Wielkopolskich, 70-110 Szczecin, Poland.



The Site is hosted by OVH, 2 rue Kellerman, BP 80157, Roubaix, France; telephone +33 9 72 10 10 07.


Personal Information

Information about visitors to the Site is recorded so as to ensure efficient administration and to monitor content loaded onto the Site by users.

The servers automatically record anonymous information such as the date and time of visit, the IP address used, and other such general information.

User history is retained indefinitely so as to permit administration of the service; these data are accessible only to the administrator.

Users have the right to obtain data concerning themselves.  This means that users may at any time request modification or deletion thereof by sending an email to:



At the first use of the Site, a banner is displayed to inform users that the Site uses cookies to ensure an optimal experience and to allow the collection of statistical data for the proper administration of the Site and for purposes of advertising.  Clicking on “OK” or “Connect/Register” binds you to these Terms and, by default, to the use of cookies used by the Site.

The cookies used on the Site permit the identification of the user’s browser in order to optimize navigation.  It is possible to reject/block cookies in the browser settings.  Click here for more information about cookies and to learn how to change browser settings.


Hypertext Links

The Site contains hypertext links to the home page or to a specific article.

Other websites may link to the Site unless they disseminate information of a political, religious, pornographic or xenophobic nature or information that may cause offence to a great number of people.  As regards this authorization, the administrator reserves the right to refuse activation of hypertext links.

The administrator hereby declares that he has no control over the aforementioned links and declines all responsibility for their content.


Scope of Responsibility

The use of information and content available on the Site is solely for informational and educational purposes.  Consequently, the editor bears no responsibility arising from any eventual inappropriate use of content published on the Site.


Presentation of the Site

The concept of the Site is to permit the upload, in the form of a photograph, of an extract from a book chosen directly on the Site or via the mobile application.  After the image has been uploaded, a function allows users to mark and emphasize content.  The uploaded extract can be classified according to any of the categories/themes available on the Site (e.g., Philosophy; Literature; History; Politics).

As the extract is being uploaded, users will be able to provide a title, create tags, and share the extract on social networks.

The addition of a “paragraph” by users is validated only after the following information has been provided:

·         title of the book

·         full name of the author

·         name of the publisher

·         year of publication

·         page number(s) where the extract is printed

The search function provides limited results.  The purpose of this restriction is to limit and discourage an organized reconstruction of a substantial part of any work available on the Site.


Copyright Protection

The objective of the Site is to spread knowledge over the Internet and to stimulate debate and discussion among users.

European copyright law and its exceptions are set forth by Directive 2001/29/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 May 2001 on the harmonization of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society.  The full text of the Directive can be found here.  This Directive authorizes Member States to enact limitations or exceptions to copyright protections set forth in Articles 2 and 3 thereof.

Pursuant to Article 29 of the Polish Copyright Law of 4 February 1995 and to the Law of 29 April 2016 (published in the Polish “Official Journal 2016” at reference 666), excerpts of published works are allowed to be quoted in independent works, provided that the quote is intended to trigger debate or controversy, to be informative, explanatory or critical, or to serve scientific or educational purposes.  It can also be justified by the rights deriving from the nature of the creation itself.

In accordance with Article 34 of the Copyright Law, quoting a work requires that it be credited to the author.

The administrator accepts the publication on the Site only of excerpts that comply with the copyright requirements set forth above.  In the event of the introduction of incorrect or false information, said information will be deleted by the administrator.


Protection of Copyright

The administrator hereby confirms that the Site employs the definition of “work” as set forth in Article 1 of the Copyright Law of 4 February 1995, the text of the Act of 29 April 2016 (O.J. 2016, ref. 666) and is thus subject to Polish copyright protection.


Modification of Terms

Smart Para§raph reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time.  It is advisable to check the Site regularly for the latest version of these Terms.


Validity of Terms

These Terms are applicable indefinitely.


Governing Law and Language

Pursuant to Article 3 of the Telecommunications Law of 16 July 2004, the text of the Law of 23 August 2016 (O.J. 2016, ref. 1489), as well as Article 3a, Paragraph 1 of the Law of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services, the text of the Law of 27 July 2016 (O.J. 2016, ref. 1030), all rights and obligations concerning the operation of the Site are subject to Polish law.

These Terms have been written in Polish, French and English; all versions are deemed authentic, but for legal purposes the Polish text shall be given priority of interpretation.