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First Visit

Welcome on Smart Paragraph !

What follows is meant to make your life easier should you wish to upload content onto Smart Para§raph.

First, it is useful to provide a brief overview of the legal environment in which Smart Paragraph operates (i.e., copyright and “fair use” laws). Generally speaking, a book is either in the public domain or is protected by copyright laws. Copyright laws vary from one country to the next, but it is fair to say that the objective pursued by copyright laws is to protect writers and other artists. Copyright is a restrictive law aimed at ensuring that artists and writers can make a living from their works. So far as European law is concerned, the concept of Smart Paragraph relies on the notion of “Short Quote”, an exception to general copyright protections, to give users food for thought and to help spread knowledge and culture to the widest possible audience while also supporting the book industry.



Uploading content onto Smart Paragraph

Only one rule matters tor Smart Paragraph users: all content published on the site shall be properly credited. To upload content, the following information must be provided:
- identity of the author;

- identity of any translator (because a translator is also considered to be an author);

- name of the printing company;

- year of publication;

and page number.

It may seem a bit tedious, but Smart Paragraph can make your life easier if you use the following tricks:

ISBN code
Any book published after (1972 ?) is given an ISBN code. Use it, and most important information will be provided automatically.


Autofill system                                                   

Once you have uploaded a first excerpt from a book and filled in all mandatory information, uploading future excerpts from the same book will be much easier. For future uploads you will only need to click on the "title" field to trigger an autofill with data from last upload. Only the page number(s) of subsequent excerpt(s) will need to be provided.

Autofill system (bis)                                            

If you opt for the “hard way”, you will need to provide all information just once. Then, for subsequent uploads, you will need to type only the first few letters of the title and click on the result corresponding to your book


Searching results on Smart Paragraph

To meet both the spirit and the letter of the law, the search function only provides a limited number of results. Thus, it is possible that all available results contained in the Smart Paragraph database will not be displayed. The purpose of this restriction is to limit and discourage an organized reconstruction of a substantial part of any book available on the Site.