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About Smart Paragraph

Why Smart Para§

Food for thought. That’s what it’s all about. It’s good for your brain and your self-esteem. And, it's gluten-free!

Smart Paragraph helps you prepare for your exams or for your date. It helps you shine.

I created convinced that knowledge and culture can be easily spread. Convinced, too, that book-lovers can inspire other readers or perhaps even those who do not yet enjoy reading. In fact, the idea of Smart Para§raph arose from beautifully written sentences and brilliant thoughts and reflections, all of them reduced to writing. There is one basic idea: share what is interesting or beautiful in a book so that others may enjoy it, too. And perhaps even learn from it.

Smart Paragraph is not a website/app meant to entertain or to stave off boredom. It is meant for “tasting” books, much in the way one may taste wine.

What do books and wine have in common? More than you may think. Time, experience and talent are fundamental to achieving the utmost quality. It takes patience, perseverance and dedication to reach expected levels of excellence. Hope, uncertainty and doubt are also frequent and recurring companions of any writer or wine-maker.

Tasting wine and discovering books are very similar experiences. There is an analogy between these two pleasures of everyday life. Isn’t reading a bottle label similar to reading a book’s back-cover? Some old books have a smell of their own that reveals a lot about their history, how and where they have been printed or stored. Some would say that writing a book is the same as blending any fine wine – a long, delicate and meticulous process.


Smart Paragraph is thought to bring together chilling and some good food for thoughts.