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Smart Paragraph is a tool to promote, put forward, culture and knowledge through online publication of quotes from books. It is also a tool serving the book industry as a whole by fostering book marketing.

For users, Smart Paragraph is a vector of grey matter. For professionals, it’s a marketing support.
Copyright protection is instrumental in keeping the « book economy » alive. This protection is crucial to ensure that authors, editors and translators make a decent living of their work.

In order to meet requirements of European Copyright law, Smart Paragraph requires users to provide all relevant information so a book is properly credited. Smart Paragraph was built so as not to be detrimental to the book economy but to serve it. Furthermore, administrator ensure that the number of occurrence of a book remains low in order to limit and discourage user from trying to reconstruct a substantial part of any book available on the Site.

As an editor or a writer, feel free to contact us to request that we block books of which you own copyrights.